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Dr. Scott Alsobrooks chosen to be next President at East Mississippi Community College

East Mississippi Community College has selected Dr. Scott Alsobrooks, a Picayune native and vice president of Economic and Community Development at Pearl River Community College, to be the next president of the Scooba, Mississippi school.

As director of the Workforce Education and the Woodall Advanced Technology Center at Pearl River Community College since 2011, Dr. Alsobrooks has been instrumental in growing PRCC in the area of workforce development and building relationships with industries all across the southeast region introducing numerous programs to get people trained and educated quickly and into the work force.

Dr. Alsobrooks told WRJW News late Wednesday evening that leaving PRCC was bittersweet, but yet also sweet for the great opportunity to lead East Mississippi Community College.

He shared, “Being an alumnus of Pearl River and having worked here for almost 15 years, a decade and a half, we’ve built a great foundation. For me, in my career, I have made so many friends and worked on so many good projects. At Pearl River, we’ve created so many good opportunities for people to go out and better themselves.”

Dr. Alsobrooks said he addressed a group of the faculty earlier today.

“It was really tough to say goodbye. They are the ones out there teaching the kids, and we have more than just kids, we have people from all walks of life, and our faculty are the ones that make it happen.”

He added, “It makes it hard to leave and say goodbye, but we’ve had so much fun at Pearl River and done so many great things. I’ve enjoyed working with Dr. (Adam) Breerwood and all the things we’ve done over the years on the education side, the extracurricular side, the sports, the arts, road trips all across the state watching ballgames and other things with Pearl River has been so much fun. That’ll carry on and we will continue to see each other.”

Alsobrooks is excited about the chance to lead East Mississippi Community College and stated, “It’s a great college, all the pieces are in place. It’s just a matter of going up there and fine tuning things, working with the staff and faculty and try to move the bar a little more forward.”

Alsobrooks has more than 30 years of higher education and professional experience, having worked as an engineer, grant coordinator, faculty member, and college administrator. Alsobrooks is a former engineering coordinator and instructor for the College of Science and Technology and the Lean Enterprise Center at the University of Southern Mississippi.

He has worked as an operations engineer for Rockwell International at the Stennis Space Center where he later served as a supervisor for the Fluid Component Processing Facility, Johnson Controls World Services.

Alsobrooks received an Associate of Arts degree from Pearl River Community College, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering from Mississippi State University, and a master’s degree in Engineering Technology from the University of Southern Mississippi. He earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Human Capital Development from the University of Southern Mississippi.

He is married to Annabelle Alsobrooks, who serves as instructor in Business Management Technology at Pearl River Community College. They have a 15-year-old son, Ayden.


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