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Supervisors approve inter-local agreement with city; close out Katrina worksheets

During yesterdays meeting of the Pearl River County Board of Supervisors, the board received a request County Engineer Les Dungan to approve the inter-local agreement being considered with the City of Picayune to share in the expense of work for repairing and resurfacing a section of Jackson Landing Road near the city limits.

Dungan explained that the agreement states that in Phase I of this project, Picayune will pay for the hot mix asphalt on the city portion of the route which he said was estimated at approximately $78,000 worth of materials while the county would pay $45,900. Phase I would be from Grover Barrett Road to Union School Road. In Phase II, the cost will be $63,120 and the work includes starting at Union School Road and continuing to near 2977 Jackson Landing Road where a previous paving project was completed by the county.

Dungan stated that there is about one mile of the project in the city and one mile in the county. Dungan told the board that in discussions he had with County Road Manager Charlie Scheilder that the base work could begin as soon as possilbe to perform as much as possible before winter weather worsens and then the surface work could be finished in the spring as weather permits. The board approved the request from Dungan.

Dungan stated that the city had put this item on their council agenda for their council meeting tomorrow (Tuesday December 4, 2018) in hopes it would be approved by the Supervisors today in order to expedite the paperwork.

County Engineer Les Dungan (right) discusses inter-local agreement with board

Dungan also updated the board stating the paperwork and contract for the bridge replacement project on Shennandoah Road has been received back from the contractor and that project is about ready to start. He said he expects the contractor to begin the work in January 2019.

Dungan reminded the board that the state of Mississippi will do their inspections in January on existing timber piling supported bridges in the county.

L-R: Donald Hart (District 1), Malcolm Perry (District 2), Adrain Lumpkin (County Administrator), Sandy Kane Smith (President and District 5), Joe Montgomery (Board Attorney), Hudson Holliday (Vice-President and District 3)

County Administrator Adrain Lumpkin asked the board to acknowledge FEMA Close-Out on Worksheet on all Hurricane Katrina worked. Lumpkin said that $100,091,000.86 of federal dollars was spent in Pearl River County in regards to Katrina. He added that the county had the largest worksheet in the state with an amount of over $70,000,000. Lumpkin said the county did all of their debris removal on one worksheet and the work was validated 100 percent. Lumpkin said there was a total of 72 worksheets performed in the county for Hurricane Katrina.


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