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30th Annual Civic Women’s Club of Picayune’s Christmas Pilgrimage- Part 2

The 30th Annual Civic Women’s Club of Picayune’s Christmas Pilgrimage is this Saturday (December 1st, 2018) from 2:00 p.m. until 6:00pm.

There are three homes and one church involved in this year’s Pilgrimage path.

Advanced Tickets are $10.00 each and are available at Melinda’s Fine Gifts in the Top of the Hill Shopping Center just off North Picayune Exit 6 and the Glass Porch on West Canal Street in downtown Picayune.

Tickets are $15.00 the day of the Pilgrimage.

All proceeds will go toward scholarships for Picayune Memorial and Pearl River Central high school graduates.

Today we look at two of the four stops on the tour.

Home of Dr. Hal Mark and Pam Schrock

Dr. Hal Mark & Pam Schrock, along with their son David Gordon, are delighted to open their home at 710 Idlewild Drive, Picayune, to you for the 2018 Pilgrimage. Hal & Pam were married March 1st, 2014.

In January of 2015, Dr. Schrock was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. After a successful surgery he was thought to be cancer free. In November of the same year it was discovered that he had multiple metastatic tumors in his liver.

January 2016 brought another surgery with a long and difficult battle. Hal & Pam made the decision to seek Homeopathic treatment in conjunction with some traditional treatment. As you look at Hal today, you will see that he is miraculously & unexpectedly, by the grace of God, healthy & cancer free. Praise God!

The Schrock’s love to celebrating the life that God has blessed them with. They together have 5 children & 4 grandchildren, the 5th expected in April, 2019. Only their youngest son shares their home full time. Upon entering the 1960 traditional home, you will see that they enjoy an eclectic mixture of things old & new.

As an Interior Designer, Pam believes we should be surrounded by things that make us feel happy. In the living room stands a large tree filled with ornaments that Pam has collected through out the years. Many are dated with a notation on the bottom to remind them of when they were acquired. In one end of the room there is an antique Victorian dental cabinet that The late Dr. James Schrock, Hal’s father, purchased during the time he practiced dentistry in Picayune. When opened, the cabinet has trays which dental held tools & supplies.

The dining table is set with antique Noritake china circa 1917 & vintage silverware. A new “Flambeau” New Orleans inspired chandelier hangs over the table. Throughout the home you will see a mixture of artwork both old & new. Many prints are by local artists such as Walter Anderson & Terrance Osborne. The pen and ink print of “Zesto’s” was done by a close friend, Anna Pigott Sabree.

The den holds David’s favorite Christmas item, the vintage silver tree, from the late 1950’s. On the tree you can see “Picayune” ornaments. Two Vintage elves from Pam’s childhood along with vintage pipe cleaner santas, gifted by a precious neighbor, watch the couples 4 grand children as they visit. The fireplace mantle is adorned with a beautiful garland of fruit and greenery.

The downstairs guest room displays text books, a high school diary, lamb skin diplomas from McNeil school & other items belonging to Pam’s Grandparents, Jim & Eva Mae Burton Gill, from the 1920’s & 30’s. The hand-made, well-worn quilt was made by Grandma Gill for Pam in the early 1960’s. In the hall bathroom a shaving mirror used daily by Grandpa Gill, hangs from a small deer head ornament.

Home of Roger “Bubba” and Lacie Walters Jr.

From the moment you enter the gate of the Roger “Bubba” and Lacie Walters Jr. homestead at 69 Monk Mitchell Road in the Caesar Community of Picayune, you will experience the true meaning of Christmas and the birth of JESUS CHRIST. From the live nativity on the front lawn to the unique family heirlooms both indoors and outdoors, you will be delighted in the details that went into building and fashioning a home that truly feels like it’s been there for decades.

Crafted with their own hands, in two phases, the Walters family of four lived in the smaller section of the home while adding the main living space. The completed construction took two years and was a true labor of love laced with fond memories and hard work that will not be forgotten.

Lacie’s late grandfather’s antique truck will await visitors in the driveway adorned with all things Christmas. The lighted walkway will lead guests up to the quintessential Southern porch that begs for family and friends to stop and enjoy evening sunsets. Upon entering the home, walls of shiplap lend to the eclectic, farmhouse feel. But the true beauty lies in the thoughtful care taken in the meaningful details—such as in the Cross purposefully inlaid into the wooden floors of the main living area signifying this as the heart of the home.

A collection of silver platters artfully displayed on the wall of the dining room are pieces from both of Lacie’s grandmothers. Copper pieces in the kitchen were gifts from Bubba’s military deployment in Iraq. The majestic Christmas tree and mantle décor will leave you feeling the joy of Christmas and the warmth of the Walters home.

The master bedroom is decorated with refurbished antique furniture, including a small chair belonging to Lacie’s Granny and a magazine-worthy bed crafted by Bubba. The claw-foot tub in the adjoining master bath was gifted to Lacie from Bubba for the arrival of their first-born child. Quilters will enjoy hand-made pieces in each of the rooms crafted by Lacie’s mother, Charlene Lumpkin Jarrell.

When entering the first phase of the home, just down the stairs, you’ll notice framed heirloom pieces on the wall and a whimsical tree with handmade ornaments from Lacie’s grandmother and aunt. Gavin’s room is to the left, reflecting his love for hunting. Jewels’ room, just past Gavin’s, was her own design brought to life by her Daddy and PawPaw Raymond Jarrell.

The laundry room is one of two in the home and features an antique door that feels as if it has always been there as does each of the heirloom pieces gracing the many rooms of this country beauty. The stair banisters leading to the game room are adorned with beautiful, festive garland. The back yard is simply an extension of the home offering perfect outdoor gathering spots for family and friends.

Bubba, Lacie, Gavin and Jewels are honored to share their home with you and wish you blessings of peace, the beauty of hope and the spirit of love this Christmas and in the upcoming New Year.


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