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Chamber hosts Police & Firefighter Appreciation Luncheon

The Greater Picayune Area Chamber of Commerce held its annual Police & Firefighter Appreciation Luncheon at The Grand Hall ballroom during the noon hour on Tuesday.

Mayor Dr. Ed Pinero opened the banquet telling those present from the Picayune Police and Fire Departments that the city council, the staff, and the citizens of Picayune understand what you do.

Pinero stated, “We understand what you do. It takes a lot of fortitude, desire, and strength to do what everyone in this room does. We also want to thank the spouses and to let you know we are here for you.”

Fire Chief Keith Brown presented the Fireman of the Year award to Chris Campbell. Campbell has been with the Fire Department for 10 years and has numerous certifications from the Mississippi Fire Academy.

Brown also presented an “Appreciation” award to Ms. Janet Guidry. Brown said Guidry has been with the city for 27 years.

Chief Bryan Dawsey presented the Civilian of the Year award to Drayton Dupree. Dupree started working as a part-time Corrections Officer at the age of 18 on March 14, 2018, and accepted a full time position with the department on May 17, 2018. Dawsey noted the respect that Dupree has gained from his peers in such a short time. Dawsey added that Dupree always seems to be one step ahead of what is asked of him next. On August 9, 2018, Dupree graduated from the Mississippi Basic Jail Officers Standards and Training.

Dawsey presented the Chief’s Award to Christopher Penton. Penton joined the department in May, 2017, and soon thereafter attended the Mississippi Law Enforcement Training Academy where he was in the top third of his class.

Dawsey said Penton was appointed squad leader and received a near perfect score in firearms training qualifying him as an expert marksman.

The Police Officer of the Year award recipient was Joshua C. Stockstill. Stockstill began his career with the department in August, 2010, serving as a correction officer for four years. Dawsey said Stockstill was promoted to the rank of patrolman for his work ethic and dedication. Penton graduated from the Southern Regional Public Safety Institute in May, 2016 and received Picayune’s Chief Award in 2017. Stockstill was not in attendence having worked the night before.


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