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Traffic stop for switched tag leads to two illegal narcotic arrests

On September 24, 2018, at approximately 9:14 a.m, a Picayune Police officer made a traffic stop on a maroon 2007 Honda Odessey for the offense of switched tag (license plate) near the intersection of Elmwood Drive and Formby Davis Avenue in Picayune.

According to Assistant Police Chief Jeremy Magri, the officer spoke with the driver, identified as John Paul Maret, age 41, of 20 Pearson Road, Carriere, and asked Maret for a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance, but he was unable to provide. The officer ran a check on Maret through NCIC that showed Maret’s license had been suspended. At this time, officers asked Maret to exit the vehicle and he was arrested for Driving While License Suspended.

Upon conducting an inventory of the vehicle, the officer observed a black bag that was sitting between the front driver and passenger seat just behind the console. Upon opening the bag, the officer observed a plastic container and a glass pipe commonly used to inhale a controlled substance. Upon opening the container, the officer recovered two plastic bags containing a white powdery substance believed to be Heroin, a pack of razor blades, and a pack of Q-tip swabs.

Another passenger in the vehicle, identified as Joshua Jermaine Jones, age 35, of 806 Herrin Drive, Picayune, as well as Maret, would not claim the drugs and paraphernalia. At this time, Jones as taken in custody and both Maret and Jones were transported to the Criminal Justice Center.

John Paul Maret Joshua Jermaine Jones

Magri said Maret was book and incarcerated for Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Paraphernalia, and Driving While License Suspended. He was also cited for No Insurance, No Drivers License in Possession, and a post arrest citation for Switched Tag.

When Jones exited the vehicle at the Criminal Justice Center, the officer observed a clear plastic bag containing a crystal-like substance believed to be Crystal Methamphetamine where Jones had been sitting. The officer also found a green leafy substance concealed in Jones’ shoe believed to be Marijuana.

Jones was booked and incarcerated for Possession of a Controlled Substance (Heroin) and given a post arrest citation for Possession of Controlled Substance and Possession of Marijuana according to Magri.


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