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City Council approves numerous requests

During Tuesday’s meeting of the Picayune City Council, the council received and approved some very important requests on a temporary appointment and the advertisement for bids for the new fire station.

Fire Chief Keith Brown made a request to advertise for bids for the new fire station to be built near the intersection of Goodyear Blvd and Beech Street. Brown said their estimate , for the work is approximately $420,600. According to Brown, that price does not include a commercial sprinkler system, but instead, will use a residential type fire sprinkler system. Brown explained that the building does not have to be equipped with a commercial grade system due to its proposed construction type and size of the structure. Brown said that with proper maintenance, the building should serve the city for approximately 30 years.

Brown said the bid calls for a wood frame structure instead of a steel framed building that was previously discussed. He noted that the difference in going from a steel frame to a wooden truss structure could save around $64,000 to $70,000.

Brown said the plan is to use state insurance rebate money with the hope of being able to cover the entire cost of the the project without funds from the city. He said the city has also received about $62,000 from the rebate program and that money has been placed aside to be applied to the project once it begins. The council approved Brown’s request to advertise for bids.

The council amended the agenda to hear from Municipal Court Clerk Lisa Albritton in regards to a request to appoint attorney Manya Creel Bryan as temporary county prosecutor effectively immediately. Aaron Russell, Jr. is currently unable to perform the duties due to a medical issue Albritton stated in her explanation to the council. It was noted that Bryan has extensive experience having worked as an assistant to the District Attorney. The council, after getting input from City Attorney Nathan Farmer, approved the request to appoint Bryan to fill the void due to Russell’s absence.

Gerald Cruthird, who is the judge for the city court, approached the board as a citizen and suggested the city look into installing an electronic sign at the intersection of Highway 11 and Highland Parkway to make motorists aware of the Highland Parkway shortcut. Cruthird believes that making motorists aware of the benefit of using Highland Parkway would encourage them to use it as a means to get to I-59 at Exit 6 and also help reduce traffic congestion at the intersection of Highway 11 and Highway 43 North which is south of the turnoff for Highland Parkway.

Cruthird also suggested a roundabout to be constructed at the intersection of Highland Parkway and Highway 43 North. Cruthird pointed out that the current intersection causes dangerous situations when drivers attempt to make a U-turn at the intersection.


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