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Traffic stop leads to narcotic arrest of a local man

On September 27th, 2018, the Picayune Police Department Narcotic Division made an arrest while conducting proactive patrols according to a press release from Assistant Chief Jeremy Magri.

According to Magri, detectives observed a blue Buick failed to use a turn signal at the intersection of Rosa Street and Toquet Street. At this time, detectives conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle for No Turn Signal. When the detectives approach the vehicle, they smelled a strong odor of what appeared to be Marijuana emmiting from the vehicle.

Narcotic detectives advised the driver and the rear passenger, identified as Kelton Devon Jones, age 26, of 971 Shirley Drive, Picayune, to exit the vehicle at which time they complied.

According to Magri’s press release, a search of the vehicle was conducted and detectives located a large clear plastic bag containing a green leafy substance believed to be Hydroponic Marijuana on the back passenger side floor board and an orange pill bottle containing a large amount of an off white rock like substance believed to be crack cocaine on the front passenger side floor board. It was learned through further investigation, that Jones was allegedly in possession of the narcotics.

Jones was placed under arrest for two felony counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Distribute. Jones was transported to the Criminal Justice Center where he was booked and incarcerated. The driver was issued a traffic citation for No Turn Signal and released from the scene according to Magri’s press release.

Magri noted the weight of the Marijuana to be approximately 120 grams with a street value of $500.00 and the Crack Cocaine weighed 9 grams with a street value of $450.00.


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