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St Charles Catholic Church celebrates 'Blue Mass' to honor first responders

St Charles Borromeo Catholic Church celebrated Blue Mass on Tuesday, the anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks against the United States.

During his homily, Father Bernie Papania, pastor of St Charles since January, reminded the first responders of the gratitude that the communities across the U.S.A have for them.

“You have always been there for us and many have made the sacrifices. We are grateful.”

Panania told the first responders that he understands what they go through. His brother Leonard Papania started out as a volunteer policeman and is now Police Chief of Gulfport, MS.

Papania said he has seen firsthand what police officers and first responders deal with and do so for pay that is not up to where it should be.

Papania stated, “We want you to know how much we appreciate you all.”

He also told the first responders that the world today is in chaos and divided.

“Division is the presence of the devil, but God gives us angels to help us, especially you to get through the conflicts you encounter. We are not alone in this world. Christ is with us always,” he said.

Papania said that all Christians are united in God.

“We need harmony, we need peace, one in God. That’s where we are going to make it.”

Papania continued, “All evil is conquered in our Lord. He (Jesus) died on the cross and the victory is won as He rises from the dead and offers us this new life. And this is where we have to our feet, our hearts, our souls, every aspect of being grounded in Christ.”

After the service, all were treated a complete banquet of food and desserts, and door prizes in the church parish hall as a reminder of the appreciation and thanks from the community.


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