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Man resists arrest; attempts to harm officers

On August 25th, at around 11:52 p.m., Picayune Police Department was dispatched to a quick stop convenience store on Memorial Blvd in response to a complaint of a suspicious male who appeared to be drunk and disorderly according to Assistant Chief Jeremy Magri.

When the officer arrived, he searched the area and were able to locate a male matching the description of the suspected male at a nearby fast food restaurant. Upon making contact with the suspect, identified as Jared M. Knight, age 33, of 1429 Warren Street, Bogalusa, LA., Knight told the officer “%&$#?A! the police!”

At this time, the officer asked Knight to place his hands behind his back, but Knight began to actively resist arrest. At this time, the officer noticed a strong smell coming from Knight’s person indicating he may be under the influence of alcohol. The officer attempted to place Knight on the hood of the patrol car and while Knight continued to resist being detained, a second officer arrived on the scene according to Magri.

Officers were able to take Knight to the ground and while struggling with him on the ground, Knight was able to pull a pocket knife from his pocket, but he lost control of the knife and was not able to use the knife against the officers. Knight was finally handcuffed, and when officers attempted to put him in the patrol car, he reached for one of the officer’s taser, but the officers were able to remove Knight’s hand from the taser. Once Knight was placed in the patrol car, he kicked one of the officers in the chest.

Magri said that Knight was transported to the Criminal Justice Center, booked on charges of Public Drunk, Disorderly Conduct – Failure to Comply, Resisting Arrest by Fighting, Public Profanity, Exhibiting a Weapon, and Simple Assault on a Police Officer, and then incarcerated.


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