PRCC Releases Lip Sync Meeting Video

Poplaville- Pearl River Community College released a Lip Sync Conversation video on their social media of President, Dr. Adam Breerwood, Communications and Marketing Director Delana Harris, and Men’s Basketball Coach, Chris Oney having a meeting about plans for the beginning of the semester. This video was a lighthearted reminder to all faculty, staff, administrators, and students about the excitement felt at PRCC for the upcoming school year.

“I love my job! Our staff works daily to provide life changing opportunities for our students. I have witnessed thousands of success stories throughout the years. I cannot think of a better reason to laugh, smile and enjoy everyday. We have great challenges in the field of education, however these challenges pale in comparison to some of the challenges our students have overcome to get here. You cannot serve as an example if you are unapproachable. I want our students to see me as someone they can communicate with during their time on our campus. While I blessed to serve as the President at Pearl River, my job is simply to assist our students on their way to success. If I have to embarrass my self from time to time to remove obstacles that impede student success I am happy to do so,” said PRCC President, Dr. Adam Breerwood.

Pearl River Community College Lip Sync Conversation Video below:


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