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City garbage collection will see minor changes with new vendor in September

During Tuesday’s meeting of the Picayune City Council, the city’s new garbage collection vendor, Coastal Environmental Services (CES), gave a preview of what citizens should expect during the transitional period to CES taking over garbage collection on September 1, 2018.

CES President and CEO Darin “Gus” Bordelon (standing by truck), said CES will begin staging 4,200 collection carts and recycle bins around August 13th at designated drop sites at Palestine and Beech Street and another on Witthauer Street. Bordelon stated that residents will begin receiving carts and bins around August 20th.

Collection days for garbage will remain the same throughout the city according to Bordelon. There will be a change in recycling collection with CES as they will cover the entire city on Wednesdays. Brush collection will have a slight change with CES. Bordelon stated the city will be separated into four zones for brush collection with Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday as the designated days depending on the zone a residence resides in.

“We are very excited about this opportunity and we are looking forward to it, “ Bordelon said, “I can tell you that you will see a difference in the service. We are going to work hard and this an opportunity that we are humbled to have and are very appreciative. We won’t let you down.”

Public Works Director Eric Morris told the council and those in attendance that the city will continue to be a liaison between the residents and businesses to the contractor (CES). Morris explained that the current contractor’s exit strategy will be to collect their cans the last week of August and stage them on a parking lot in the back of Friendship Park. Bordelon said CES is confident that will have their collection carts in place so residents will not be without a container to place garbage.

Bordelon ended his presentation stating, “We look forward to September 1st and we look forward to working hard for the city of Picayune.”

Below is a general overview of the collection services for the City of Picayune as noted in a brochure prepared for residents and businesses.


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