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Man killed by train appears to be a suicide

What appears to have been a suicide caused the death of a man who was struck by a freight train around 2:45am on Sunday. According to Pearl River County Coroner Derek Turnage, a white man his 30s or 40s about 5 feet 8 inches tall, was dressed in a three piece suit and was hit by a freight train near the Martin Luther King crossing as he laid across the tracks. Turnage said the man was not carrying any identification.

Assistant Police Chief Jeremy Magri said there was a tattoo on the body on the chest area. Magri and Turnage both indicate the man was most likely drunk and Magri stated there was the presence of alcohol at the scene according the personnel at the scene shortly after the death occurred.

Turnage and Magri are asking the community for help identifying the man to call the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department at 601-798-5528 or Picayune Police Department at 601-798-7411.


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