Press release from Picayune Law, PLLC on suit against Pearl River County brought by Crossroads Treat

Picayune, MS--Attorney William “Bill” Cruse, Sr. of Picayune Law, PLLC, in a press release on Friday (July 27, 2018), stated that Robert and Sherri Thigpen and their company Top of the Hill, LLC, will not comment on the lawsuit brought by Crossroads Treatment Center of South Mississippi, P.C. against Pearl River County, nor any other matter regarding Crossroads Treatment Center of Mississippi and Pearl River County.

Note: the Thigpen's are not a part of the lawsuit brought by Crossroads.

In the lawsuit filed by Crossroads against Pearl River County, Crossroads is asking the court to order Pearl River County repeal the 1999 ordinance which would allow Crossroads’ to continue moving forward in completing the facility located at 10 Carrie Mitchell Road, Carriere, MS, just off of I-59 exit 6 in North Picayune. According to the suit, Crossroads stated it was 80% complete with the construction

The lawsuit claims that Pearl River County is in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act for discriminating against addicts based on statements made by Pearl River County officials regarding the undesirability of individuals suffering from addiction and centers whose purpose is to assist such individuals were not based on any empirical, factual, or reliable information, but instead were based on stereotype, bias, prejudice, and/or unsubstantiated fear. Crossroads is also asking the county to pay actual and punitive damages, plus court costs and attorney’s fees.

The lawsuit was filed in the District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi on July 24th. A link to the lawsuit



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