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Picayune School Board gets good news on ACT score results

At yesterday’s meeting of the Picayune School District Board of Trustees, the board received an encouraging report on the ACT scores for the senior class of 2018. The ACT is the national US college admissions test measuring what students learn in high school to determine your academic readiness for college. The highest possible score is 36.

High School Assistant Principal Ms. Pat Smith told the board that the performance of the students will help the high school and the district by adding points to their overall grades in regards to state ratings. Smith added that the high school’s overall ACT score component is up 37 percent for this year and the graduation rate improved by 9.6 points as well. Both groups should get 19.2 additional points in the accountability grade.

Superintendent Dean Shaw pointed out with excitement "these numbers show that 30 percent of the seniors scored 25 or higher on the ACT".

Smith presented data that showed 47 students designated as ACT Scholars by scoring between 25 and 28 on the ACT test. Smith said that the 47 students in this category was twice the number that the school has ever had in that category.

The list of students included:

Ms. Smith told the board that 21 students were designated as Eminent Scholars by scoring a 29 or higher on the ACT test. In that group of 21 students, 8 scored 30, 3 scored 32, and 2 scored 33. Eminent scholars receive free tuition if they attend a public university in the state of Mississippi according to Smith.

The list of students included:


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