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Picayune Police arrest three for drug related charges

On May 29, at 12:51am, Picayune Police Patrol was dispatched to a local business in reference to wreckless driving in a local parking lot. While the patrol officer in route, he was notified with the description of the vehicle, a gray Yukon.

According to Assistant Chief Jeremy Magri, when the officer arrived, the officer observed the driver, a white female, later identified as Laura Blankley Hinton, age 29. 1523 High Forest Drive North, Tuscaloosa, AL, exiting the front driver’s seat. As he approached the vehicle, the officer asked Hinton for a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance. He observed her to be very nervous and was fidgeting as she started to search through her purse.

The officer asked Hinton to step to the front of the vehicle while she was attempting to locate her driver’s license. Another officer arrived on the scene and approached the passenger side of the vehicle. While the other officer was speaking with Hinton, the second officer noticed a plastic bag containing a brown powdery substance believed to be heroin, and another plastic bag containing numerous green pills, identified as Xanax, lying in plain view on the front center console of the vehicle according Magri.

Hinton was taken into custody for Possession of Controlled Substance (felony) and Possession of Controlled Substance (misdemeanor). Upon conducting a search of Hinton’s purse, the officer located a purple box containing more Xanax pills. At this time, she was charged with a second account of Possession of Controlled Substance (misdemeanor). Hinton was transported to the Criminal Justice Center where she booked and incarcerated on the charges noted.

Magri said that on May 29, at around 2:21 pm, a patrol officer conducted a traffic stop on Highway 11 near East Canal Street for an expired tag. Upon speaking with the driver, identified as Joseph Allen Schmidt Jr., age 42, of 449 North Main Street, Poplarville, the office asked for a valid driver’s license and proof on insurance, neither of which Schmidt could produce.

At this time, Narcotics Division detectives arrived on the scene according to Magri. While speaking with Schmidt and the passenger of the vehicle, identified as Heather Elaina Gambill, age 31, of 7338 Firetower Road, Kiln. During the investigation, detectives received consent to search the vehicle.

Joseph Allen Schmidt Jr Heather Elaina Gambill

During the search, they located a syringe containing a clear, milky substance believed to be crystal methamphetamine which was located on the backseat behind the driver. The detectives also found two additional syringes inside of a soda can, a metal spoon containing a residue, a lighter, and a bent brass pipe.

Magri said the subjects were arrested for Possession of Controlled Substance (felony) and Possession of Paraphernalia and transferred to the Criminal Justice Center, booked, and incarcerated. Schmidt was also charged with No Driver’s License, No Proof of Insurances, and Expired Tag.


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