Pearl River County Primary election results

In yesterday’s primary elections, incumbent Roger Wicker received 2,070 votes to Richard Boyanton’s 783 to win Pearl River County Republican primary for U.S. Senator.

On the Democratic side, Omeria Scott led the way with 184 votes followed by David Baria with 151 votes. Statewide, Howard Sherman was in the lead and will face Baria in a runoff on June 26th.

David Baria is a lawyer who has served in the Mississippi legislature since 2008. He's been an outspoken advocate for improving education and healthcare in Mississippi. He also successfully worked to pass the laws that led to the expansion of craft brewing in Mississippi.

Sherman is a businessman and the current CEO of Inventure Holdings, but he may be best known as the husband of actress and Mississippi-native Sela Ward. He's portrayed himself as "a different kind of candidate" who's not a career politician.

No matter who wins the runoff, they'll still have quite a challenge in the November 6 general election against Wicker. A Democrat hasn't won a Senate seat in Mississippi in more than three decades.

In U.S. House of Representatives primary, incumbent Steven Palazzo got 2,216 votes to E. Brian Rose’s 667 in Pearl River County and Palazzo won the overall Congressional District 4 voting by garnering 28,773 or 71 percent of the vote. Palazzo faces Democrat Jeramey Anderson, a state representative from Moss Point, on November 6 in the general election.

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