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Picayune Police, Pearl River County Sheriff's Office work together to make three arrests

Pearl River County Sheriff David Allison said that on April 5, 2018, at around 2:30pm, Pearl River County Sheriff’s Office Investigators joined forces with the Picayune Police Department to search for a person wanted by the Picayune Police. The person wanted was identified as Douglas Leroy Culpepper, age 43, of 2311 Jackson Landing Road, Picayune. Through investigation, it was believed that Culpepper was possibly at a residence located at 111 Jasmine Drive in Picayune.

When officers knocked on the door at the residence, Logan Ray Stockstill, age 30, of 111 Jasmine Drive, answered the door at which time investigators observed a digital scale and methamphetamines in plain view inside the residence. They also found Culpepper inside the residence and another individual identified as Tami Kislen Bray, age 43, of 111 Jasmine Drive.

Douglas Leroy Culpepper Logan Ray Stockstill Tami Kislen Bray

Sheriff Allison said the officers and investigators secured the residence while a search warrant was obtained. Upon obtaining the search warrant, the investigators entered the residence and collected the methamphetamine and the digital scales.

Both Stockstill and Bray were arrested and charged with Possession of Methamphetamine (controlled substance) with Intent to Sell or Deliver. Culpepper was arrested on his outstanding warrant with the Picayune Police Department.


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