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Pearl River County Board of Education recognizes Parents of the Year

At last night’s meeting of the Pearl River County Board of Education, Superintendent Alan Lumpkin and the board recognized their Parents of the Year for each school and presented each selection with a certificate noting their selection. Student Board Representative Doc Herrin made the presentation of the certificates.

Elizabeth Hart was the Lower Elementary selection. Superintendent Alan Lumpkin said that Ms. Hart provides continuous help with the PTO, always lends helping hands in the classroom, and anywhere else she can assist the school.

Elizabeth Hart and Student Board Representative Doc Herrin

Kristen Williams was the Upper Elementary selection. Lumpkin said Ms. Wiliams was a great team player during the Scholastic Book Fair and Santa’s Secret Shop. She’s always willing to do anything to support the students with a warm smile and a great attitude.

Kristen Williams and Student Board Representative Doc Herrin

Laura Werner was the Middle School selection. Lumpkin stated that Ms. Werner volunteers and organizes the parent support and volunteers through the website and she helps make the middle school a successful and positive place for all students, teachers, and parents.

Laura Werner and Student Board Representative Doc Herrin

Rhonda Gibbs was the PRC High School Selection. Lumpkin said the Ms. Gibbs serves as the NJROTC Booster Club President and is crucial in the coordination of fundraising efforts including a yard sale to raise funds to purchase Christmas gifts for several PRC High School students and coordinates events including the Winter Ball. Gibbs was also selected as the parent of the year for the entire district.


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