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Two arrested for illegal narcotics during traffic stops

Picayune Police recently made two narcotic related arrests during traffic stops according to Assistant Chief Jeremy Magri.

On March 30, at around 11:22pm, a patrol officer executed a traffic stop on Highway 11 near Stevenson St. for careless driving. Upon speaking with the driver, identified as Amy Lee Bailey, age 39, of 679 Liberty Road, Picayune, the officer observed Bailey to be extremely nervous, would not make eye contact, and was visibly shaking.

Amy Lee Bailey

At this point, the patrol officer asked her to exit the vehicle, and while speaking with Bailey through investigation, it was learned she was in possession of illegal narcotics inside the vehicle. Upon search of the vehicle, the patrol officer located three Clonazepam and two Suboxone pills from a small coin purse and a clear plastic bag containing a crystal substance believed to be Crystal Methamphetamine.

Bailey was arrested and charged with one count of Possession of a Controlled Substance (felony) and two counts Possession of Controlled (misdemeanor). She was transported to the Criminal Justice Center, booked, and incarcerated.

On March 31, while conducting a safety checkpoint at North Beech Street and Westchester Drive at around 4:00pm, a green Dodge Caravan, driven by Charles Atkinson Seal, age 28, of 1422 Avenue E, Bogalusa, LA. was stopped for expired tag according to Magri.

Charles Atkinson Seal

Atkinson was asked to provide proof of valid insurance, but was unable to do so.

While writing the citation for Seal, a second officer observed a passenger in the vehicle to be acting extremely nervous and the officers asked both subjects to exit the vehicle. A pat-down was conducted on Seal for officer safety and during the pat-down, the officer found a clear plastic bag in Seal’s shirt pocket that contained a clear crystal like substance believed to Crystal Methamphetamine.

Seal was arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance (felony) and issued a citation for expired tag and no proof of insurance. Seal was transported to the Criminal Justice Center, booked, and incarcerated. The passenger was released without incident with no charges.


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