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Poplarville Police worked two cases recently involving a fight and a burglary

Poplarville-- The Poplarville Police Department worked two cases recently, one involving a fight at a local convenience store with gunshots being fired and the other related to a burglary, according to Poplarville Police Chief Butch Raby.

On March 30, at approximately 7:45pm, officers were dispatched to a local convenience store located on Highway 26 in Poplarville in reference to shots being fired. During the initial investigation, it was learned that a black male and a white male were in the store with family members when an argument began between the two men.

According to Chief Raby, the black male exited the store and waited for the white male, and when the white male exited the store, the black male hit the white male and a fight ensued. During the fight, the white male pulled out a hand gun, which he had a legal permit for, and as the two men fought and wrestled to the ground, two shots were fired into the ground. The black male was able to wrestle the gun away from the white male, and at that time, the black male left the fight and called the police. The white male left the store. At this time the investigation is still open and no charges have been filed at this time according to Chief Raby.

In another incident, on Monday, April 2, at approximately 2:50pm, Poplarville Police received a call from a resident who observed a black male and a white female jump on a four wheeler in the 10,000 block of South Allen Street in Poplarville and ride off in the direction of city park. An officer was dispatched to the area, while two other members of the police department began to look for the subjects in the direction of the Derby Community.

During this time, a domestic situation between a black male and a white female was being reported. Chief Raby and two deputies with the Pearl River County Sheriffs Department went to the 1600 block of Dupont Harts Chapel Road, Poplaville, which was the last known address of one of the suspects thought to be involved.

When Chief Raby and the PRCSO deputies arrived, they spotted the suspects on the four-wheeler near a pond. The suspects had no alternative for escape and were ordered to stop and exit the four-wheeler, and they complied.

Chief Raby said the elapsed time from when the call came and the four-wheeler was recovered, was just under one hour.

Michael Woodard and Taren Lee Cloud

The suspects, identified as Michael Woodard, age 26, and Taren Lee Cloud, age 33, were detained and transported to the Pearl River Correctional Facility in Millard where they were interviewed, and were each charged with grand larceny with each bond set at $10,000. Woodard had a hold placed on him by the Mississippi Department of Corrections for parole violation.


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