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Supervisors make decision for new fire station

During Wednesday’s meeting the Board of Supervisors, the board approved the location for the new full-time fire station in Millard, near the Lenoir Rowell Correctional Facility on Savannah Millard Road at the intersection of Langnecker Road.

The station will house a Class A fire engine and most importantly bring homes in the McNeill and Millard areas from a class ten (10) to a class seven (7), which will improve their fire insurance rates, Pearl River County Emergency Management Director Danny Manley explained.

County Engineer Les Dungan points out the location for the fire station

Now that the site has been officially approved by the Board of Supervisors, construction will soon begin. The construction of the site will be overseen by McNeil Volunteer Fire Department Chief Donny Leonard, and is estimated to cost around $30,000.00, which will come from the Fire Department’s Budget.


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