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Sheriff Warns Public of Potential Phone Scam

Pearl River County Sheriff Chief Investigator, Marc Ogden, wants to make the public aware of a scam going on in our county.

Residents have reported receiving phone calls from individuals claiming to be from the county and accusing residents of owing fines, missing jury duty, and other fraudulent claims. The caller then tells the resident that in order to avoid being arrested they must make a payment over the phone, they are then instructed to go to a local store like a dollar store, get a money card with the fine amount, and provide the money card information to the caller.

Pearl River County Sheriff's office wants to stress that if you receive a call of this nature, it is a scam, and not an authorized call from any of the Pearl River County offices.

"No law enforcement agency or court accepts money cards as payment," Ogden said.

If someone receives a call that fits this description do not give the caller any personal information, hang up immediately and call the authorities. Ogden explained that if you are unsure about the legitimacy of a call you can always ask the caller to send a deputy to your house.

If you have any reason for concern or any information regarding this scam call Pearl River County Sheriff's department at (601)798-5528.


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