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Larry Dolan stepping down from PRC

Pearl River Central High School will have a new football coach for the 2018 season.

Larry Dolan, who has been at the helm of the Blue Devils for the past two seasons, cited distance and what the program and school system needs as his reasons for stepping down.

“It’s hard to coach a team when you’re not living very near or in the community,” Dolan said in a conversation on Monday.

Dolan stated, “This is a great community, with a great administration, and great kids who come out and do their best every day. After two years of going back and forth from my home, that’s over an hour away each way daily, I realized it’s not the best situation for me and my wife and I also think the school needs someone local. It’s a tough decision, but I made it because it’s the best for everyone. I love this place, the community, the people. I’m not in a situation where I can move here and I want what’s best for this school system. They deserve someone who can be here all the time.”

In two seasons, Dolan’s PRC teams went 5-17. He took over after PRC graduated 25 seniors in 2015 after an 11-2 season. Dolan’s PRC teams suffered many key injuries in 2016 and barely missed the playoffs. This past season, PRC fielded one of the youngest teams in school history.

When asked what’s next, Dolan responded, “I’m not sure. I’ll see what’s out there close to home (Forrest County) and I may take a job as an assistant if something intrigues me. I still think I have some good years left in me, but I want to be in a situation where I can be local. It’s been tough at times the past two seasons being unable to even have a conversation in person with my wife due to my schedule and hers. I owe it to us to have a better situation for both of us.”

Dolan ended the conversation about his admiration and thanks to the Pearl River Central community.

“I can’t express how great the people here are. That’s what makes this tough. I’ve made some great friends, worked with some of the most outstanding people on this staff and faculty, and Pearl River Central will always hold a place in my heart,” Dolan stated.


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