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Poplarville Hornets honored with Resolution made by Board of Supervisors

Poplarville’s Varsity Football team and coaches were honored with a resolution made by the Pearl River County Board of Supervisors at Monday’s Board meeting.

The entire football team was in attendance as the resolution was read aloud by board president Sandy Kane Smith.

Other board members expressed their admiration for the team stating that they exemplified “true grit” and that their efforts ensured that people all over the state knew about Poplarville, Mississippi this year.

“You guys didn’t just win games this year,” Supervisors Farron Moeller said. “You boys beat the thunder out of them.”

President Smith asked the seniors to stand and be recognized and then asked for all the juniors to raise their hands.

“You all are the future of this team and we look forward to seeing more great things from you guys,” Smith said.

Poplarville’s Football team completed 13 game winning streak, on of the longest in the Hornets’ recent history, culminating in an undefeated record in regular season play in region 7-4A. The Hornets entered playoffs with a 10-0 record and defeated North East Lauderdale 42-27, St. Stanislaus 42-31, and Purvis 33-12 taking them to the South State Championship where they were defeated 45 to 52 by East Central.

The resolution lists all the players and staff and goes on to state that “the 2017 season represents a very successful season based upon great team spirit, tremendous dedication, resolve and extreme hard work by all named individuals.”

More on Monday’s board of supervisors meeting to follow.


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