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New Film from American Family Association, ‘The God Who Speaks,’ Debuts Feb.1

TUPELO, Miss.—Is there a God who speaks? And, if so, how do we know the Bible is the Word of God and not merely the words of men?

American Family Studios (AFS,, a division of the American Family Association (AFA,, seeks to answer these questions with the debut of its new feature-length film, “The God Who Speaks.”

The powerful documentary explores the evidence of the Bible’s inspiration and authority through some of the world’s most respected biblical scholars. The film answers common objections and observes the effects of denying biblical authority, and also intends to reveal the trustworthiness of the Bible’s claims. A tool to use for decades to come, “The God Who Speaks” will help many of today’s Christians defend their faith in a culture that is often hostile to Christianity.

“We live in a day where the very notion of reality has eroded to the point that extreme pluralistic subjectivity is the normal basis for truth and the engagement of truth claims,” said AFA President Tim Wildmon. “Even the ability to debate is undermined. In short, it is an age in which—more than ever—evangelical Christians need to be clear on the authority, inerrancy and sufficiency of the Bible.

“And yet, sadly,” he continued, “we see professing evangelicals wavering on basic points of doctrine and even whole denominations losing their way. This leads to confusion, claims of hypocrisy and a lack of power in living transformed lives. We believe ‘The God Who Speaks’ will give Christians the confidence to stand for God’s Word and to answer the objections of skeptics.”

“The God Who Speaks” is directed by M.D. Perkins, a filmmaker and writer with American Family Studios, and produced by Jeff Chamblee, director of American Family Studios. For more on the film, click here. The two-DVD set with two hours of bonus content, as well as digital downloads, will be available on Feb. 1.

Evangelical leader Dr. Richard Land, who serves as president of Southern Evangelical Seminary, where the film premiered in October, said “The God Who Speaks” is both inspiring and informative.

“(This film) speaks eloquently and convincingly to the trustworthiness of the Bible’s truth claims,” Land said. “I cannot imagine any Christian not being greatly edified by this film. Non-believers will find its arguments compelling. AFA has done a great service to the Kingdom by producing this film. It will be a tremendous resource to encourage Christians both to defend their faith and to equip them to do so more effectively. Watch this film. Have your church watch this film. Anyone who will sit still long enough, have that person watch this film.”

Contributors featured in “The God Who Speaks:” Alistair Begg of Parkside Church; Darrell Bock of Dallas Theological Seminary; D.A. Carson of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; Gareth Cockerill of Wesley Biblical Seminary; Kevin DeYoung of University Reformed Church; J. Ligon Duncan III of Reformed Theological Seminary; Norman Geisler of Southern Evangelical Seminary; Karen H. Jobes of Wheaton College; Michael J. Kruger of Reformed Theological Seminary, Erwin Lutzer of The Moody Church; Conrad Mbewe of Kabwata Baptist Church; Josh McDowell of Josh McDowell Ministries; Alex McFarland of North Greenville University and Alex McFarland Ministries; R. Albert Mohler of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; William D. Mounce of; John N. Oswalt of Asbury Theological Seminary; Vern Poythress of Westminster Theological Seminary; R.C. Sproul of Ligonier Ministries; Carl R. Trueman of Westminster Theological Seminary; Frank Turek of Cross Examined Ministries; Daniel B. Wallace of Dallas Theological Seminary; Jarvis J. Williams of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; and Ben Witherington III of Asbury Theological Seminary.

American Family Studios was launched in 2011 as a way to advance the Christian worldview into an increasingly media rich culture by using animation, film, video, documentary and audio to encourage, uplift and inspire audiences around the world. The state-of-the-art digital/analog studio is located in Tupelo, Mississippi.

For more information on American Family Studios, visit; follow the studio on Facebook or Vimeo.


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