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Riser Medical Foundation to host educational Town Hall on Tuesday

Dr. James Riser will host a Medicare and Social Security Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, December 19th at 3:00pm at the Senior Center of South Pearl River County. Dr. Riser said that this event is part of Riser Medical Foundation’s vision for the community, especially the senior citizens in the community

“We're going to have a town hall meeting for education of our community, specifically senior citizens and those that are on Medicare so they can learn about what their options are, what benefits are there, and what's available to them. We'll have representatives from Medicare and Social Security to educate them, ” Riser stated.

“As one of my patients said, every year they are forced to make this decision, and they're clueless as to what their choices are, so they typically just sign up with the first person that comes along. So we are going to have this educational town hall so they can make informed decisions about what's best for them to improve the quality of their life.”

When you look at the decisions that people have to make today, what is the toughest decision?

“What they have to pay. What they have to pay when they see a doctor and what they have to pay for their insurance premiums for their part of it. Most of them don’t know what is paid for and what is not, and unfortunately, too many times they'll go in and get committed to something, not really knowing what they're committing to, and they come back with a big bill that they didn't know they were going to get.”

What is the ultimate goal of the Riser Medical Foundation?

“To help them make informed decisions, and we do that by helping them understand what to expect so they can navigate through this complicated system we’ve created in this country,” Dr. Riser said.

The Town Hall meeting will discuss “Topics Seniors Face with Healthcare” and the rising costs associated with it. There will also be a short educational seminar on Medicare and new changes to Social Security for 2018 presented by representatives from Medicare and Social Security who will also be present at the meeting.

The agenda will be as follows: A Meet and Greet with light refreshments kicks off the Town Hall meeting at 3:00pm followed by Dr. James Riser speaking at 3:30pm. At 3:45pm, it’s an informative presentation entitled “Medicare 101” followed by “Changes to Social Security for 2018” at 4:00pm. The Town Hall meeting will adjourn at 4:30pm.

This town hall meeting is for educational purposes only and no sales activities will be conducted at the Town Hall meeting . Sponsors for the Town Hall meeting are Riser Medical, Picayune Health Clinic (Rural Health), Humana, and Elite Care Agency.

Mark your calendar now for this important and informative event on December 19th at 3:00pm at Senior Center of South Pearl River County located at 45 El Patch Parkway in Picayune.


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