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Pearl River County tax notices may have incorrect return address

Pearl River County Tax Assessor Gary Beech wants to make sure county residents are aware of a problem that may have caused some confusion with tag renewals that were recently sent out by his office.

As you may recall, we had reported many months ago that the state of Mississippi does not mail out tax related notices anymore and the responsibility was on the individual counties. The state recommended a contractor for this work and like most new implementations, sometimes problems occur.

Here’s what happen and what you need to do to ensure your payment is mailed to the correct address if you choose to do this by mail instead of delivering your payment in person at one of the county tax offices in either Poplarville or Picayune.

Mr. Beech explained, “In those counties with two locations, like Pearl River County, the return address is printing using the street address for one of the offices and if you mail it to that location printed on the notice, it will most likely come back to you as undeliverable. This was due to the contractor inadvertently using the street address instead of the mailing address when they were writing the new program to produce the mailouts. We’ve talked to Hancock, Harrison, and Lamar counties, who like us have two locations, and the same thing happened to them. The main thing is for residents to use our P.O. Box address. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope we can get the word out to everyone to use P.O. Box 509, Poplarville.”

In order to ensure your payment is received by the Tax Assessors’ office, please mail it to their mailing address:

Gary Beech

Pearl River County Tax Assessor

P.O. Box 509

Poplarville, MS 39470


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