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Local man arrested for Cocaine trafficking

Carl Lamont Jenkins

Picayune Police Narcotics Division executed a search warrant on the morning of November 22nd at 1223 Kingsway Drive in reference to an indictment for Sale of Controlled Substance within 1500 feet of Church.

The suspect who lived at the residence, Carl Lamont Jenkins, aka “Mudd”, age 44, was found to have $600.00 of U.S. currency in his front right pants’ pocket. When the Detectives searched the property, they found one clear plastic zip lock bag containing six large clear plastic bags containing a white powdery substance believed to be Cocaine, located inside the dashboard of a 2007 silver Jeep Commander. The narcotic weighed 1/4 a pound and has a street value of $20,000.00.

Items taken during arrest of Jenkins

Upon conducting a further search of Jenkins’ residence, several clear plastic bags, one box containing clear plastic bags, one gallon of Jack Daniels Whiskey, and one black BB pistol were all located on the kitchen table in plain view.

Jenkins as placed under arrest for Trafficking In Controlled Substance within 1500 feet of a Church, Conspiracy to Traffic In Controlled Substance within 1500 feet of a Church, Possession of Paraphernalia, and Possession of Un-Taxed Whiskey.

The Jeep was seized by the Picayune Police Department due to it being used to transport illegal narcotics. Jenkins was transported to the Criminal Justice Center where he was booked and incarcerated.


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