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Picayune Police seize cash, gun, and car in arrest

Nicole Michelle Bremer

Picayune Police Patrol Division recently made an arrest of a convicted felon and seized a large amount of cash and illegal narcotics from the suspect after coming upon the suspect while on patrol according to a press release from Assistant Police Chief Jeremy Magri.

On November 16th, around 6:00pm, officers observed a suspicious white Chrysler 300 sitting in a parking lot of a local business near a dumpster. Officers found the driver of the vehicle, identified as Nicole Michelle Bremer, age 39, of 14-B Herb Gentry Road in Poplarville, to be asleep at the wheel. Officers spoke to Bremer and during their conversation with her, they observed a loaded black 25 caliber hand gun in her bra. Officers took the firearm from Bremer at which time they learned that she was a convicted felon from a conviction as an accessory after the fact to a bank robbery in Picayune, which occurred on June 1, 2010.

Bremer was placed under arrest for Possession of a Weapon by a Felon. Officers then conducted a search of Bremer’s vehicle at which time they located a plastic bag containing a crystal substance believed to be Crystal Methamphetamine, and 16 green pills identified to be Alprazolam (2 milligram), a schedule IV (4) narcotic in the front center console.

Officers also located approximately $7,290 of miscellaneous bills of U.S. currency within close proximity of the illegal narcotics. At this time, Picayune Narcotic Detectives arrived on the scene and were able to determine that the narcotics in Bremer’s possession were being delivered to an unknown suspect for sale and that the currency was being delivered to an unknown source for the purchase of illegal narcotics according to Magri;s press release.

Items seized in Bremer arrest

Bremer was subsequently placed under arrest for two counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Transfer While in Possession of a Firearm. The currency and the Chrysler 300 were seized due to being used in the transport of illegal narcotics. Bremer was transported to the Criminal Justice Center where she was booked and incarcerated on said charges.


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