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Civil disturbance complaint turns into a felony drug arrest

Shannon Renee Hover

On November 12th, just before 11:00pm, Picayune Police was dispatched to 1201 Kingsway Drive to the Pines Apartments in reference to call from the Housing Authority reporting a civil disturbance according to Assistant Police Chief Jeremy Magri.

Upon arrival, the officer located a female identified as Shannon Renee Hover, age 41, of 98 Sugar Creek Road, Carriere, sitting on the floor in a hallway. The Housing Authority had earlier asked Hover to leave the premises, but she did not, which prompted a call to the Police Department.

The officer asked Hover what she was doing and she told them she was trying to make a phone call to get a ride somewhere. She said that she was using a wi-fi connection to place her call because her phone did not have cell service. The officer advised Hover that she had to leave the premises since she was not a resident and was causing a disturbance. Hover said she would walk, but she was afraid someone would kidnap her, so the officers offered her a ride to wherever she needed to go. Hover said she was going to call for a ride. The officer again told Hover that she had to leave the property now.

Magri said Hover began to walk away like she was going to leave the property, but she stopped outside near the end of the building, sat on a bench, and again tried to make a phone call using wi-fi.

Now, almost an hour later, the officer approached Hover and arrested her for disorderly conduct failure to comply. Hover began resisting by kicking and screaming. She was finally subdued and put in the patrol without further incident. While transporting Hover to the Criminal Justice Center, the officer noticed that Hover was making a lot of strange movements in the rear seat of the vehicle like she was trying to discard something.

Once at the Criminal Justice Center, Hover was taken inside and book for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest by fighting. The officer then searched the back seat of the patrol car, at which the officer found a plastic bag containing a straw and a brown rocky like substance believed to be heroin, according to Magri..

Hover was additionally charged for Possession of a Controlled Substance, booked, and incarcerated.


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