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Traffic safety checkpoint results in two arrests

Justin Kyle Deloach

Jeremy Wayne Mitchell

While conducting a traffic safety checkpoint at Charlotte Drive and Jackson Landing Road on October 24th at around 10:55am, Picayune Police came in contact with a 1999 Ford Ranger pickup truck with two passengers. When an officer spoke with the driver, he was unable to provide proof of insurance and an officer asked him to pull over to the side of the road. The officer asked for a driver’s license from the suspect driving the vehicle and performed an NCIC check on the license from dispatch.

The information provided by the license check revealed that the suspect, identified as Jeremy Wayne Mitchell, age 28, of 34 Albert Prince Road, Carriere, was driving with a suspended license.

While the background check was being run on Mitchell’s license, the police officer observed the passenger, identified as Justin Kyle Deloach, 30, 64 Seal Crest Drive, Picayune, to be extremely nervous and avoiding eye contact with the officer while speaking with him. The officer asked Deloach to exit the vehicle and step to the rear of the vehicle. After asking Deloach if he had anything on him, the officer conducted a pat-down for officer safety. During the pat-down, the officer found two syringes and a small black digital scale in Deloach’s right front pocket. The officer found a table spoon, commonly used to heat up a controlled substance for injection, in Deloach’s left front pocket.

At this time, the officer asked Mitchell to exit the vehicle and step to the rear of the vehicle. As Mitchell was attempting to exit the vehicle, the officer observed Mitchell trying to hide an unknown object in the driver’s side seat of the vehicle and trying to place his left hand behind his body. The officer told Mitchell to keep his hands where they could be seen.

As Mitchell exited the vehicle, he dropped a small white and green metal tin. The officer retrieved the tin and observed a plastic baggie containing a large brown rock-like substance believed to be heroin, another plastic baggie containing a brown powdery substance believed to be heroin, and five small pieces of aluminum foil that each contained a brown powdery substance believed to be heroin that was packaged for sale.

Evidence seized in the arrests of Deloach and Mitchell

Neither suspect would claim ownership of the narcotics. Mitchell and Deloach were both charged with Possession of Control Substance with Intent to Distribute. Deloach was also arrested for Possession of Paraphernalia.

Mitchell was also cited for No Insurance and Driving While License.

Both Mitchell and Deloach were transported to the Criminal Justice Center, booked on the said charges, and incarcerated.


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