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Truck delivering Nissans to Picayune dives into median on I-59

RIC Carriers Truck in I-59 median

Both lanes have been reopened on I-59 South after an accident involving an 18-wheeler caused one lane to be closed the majority of Monday.

The accident occurred just south of Poplarville around 12:30 a.m., Monday, October 16, witnesses say. The only vehicle involved was a car hauler, owned by RIC Carriers out of Texas, carrying new Nissans from the Nissan Manufacturing Plant in Canton, Ms. to the storage facility in Picayune.

The driver was reportedly trying to avoid hitting a “small animal” when he jackknifed the carrier and went down into the median between the North and South bound lanes. Two of the six vehicles in tow were reported to have been thrown from the carrier.

The Pearl River County Sheriff's Department and the Mississippi Highway Patrol worked until late Monday afternoon to remove the semi from the median and clear the scene of debris. Local car hauling company, Mississippi Auto Carriers, went to the scene as well to help with the clean up and to remove two of the vehicles that were stuck on the damaged truck.

Car Haulers from RIC and MAC removing vehicles from headrack of damaged truck onto a separate hauler.

The new vehicles being transported from the Nissan plant will no longer be able to be sold but will now be crushed and/or recycled for parts.

The driver sustained minor injuries and was treated and released from Highland Community Hospital early Monday morning.

Traffic is reported to be moving as usual as of 7 p.m.


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