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Poplarville dominates Sumrall 46-0

Sumrall--It was another week and another dominanting performance by the Poplarville Hornets with a 46-0 thumping of Sumrall. Great defense, paired with an explosive offense, push the Hornets to 8-0 overall and 3-0 in region.

The Hornet defense pitched its third shutout of the season and executed the plan of defensive coordinator Tim Story to perfection. The Hornet's wing -T offense hit on big play after play to overwhelm the Sumrall Bobcats defense.

The Hornets jumped out to a 14-0 lead behind two long touchdowns from Austin Bolton. Corey Knight added a spectacular 50 yard touchdown run to make it 20-0 in the second quarter. Antonio Barnes connected with Tyson Holston for a 25 yard touchdown pass that capped off the first half scoring at 26-0. After the break, Holston added a 44 yard touchdown run to extend the lead to 32-0. Bolton struck again for his third touchdown on the night (his 21st touchdown of the season) to stretch the lead 39-0.

Sophomore Chase Shears closed out the scoring with a glimpse into the future of the Hornets backfield with a 50 yard touchdown run to make it 46-0. D.J. Travis, the talented senior Hornet defensive back, put on a clinic against one of the best wide receivers in the state, holding the Bobcats' Dannis Jackson to no catches.

Clay Sweet with D.J. Travis

Austin Bolton had another typical Austin Bolton night with 8 carries for 185 yards and 3 touchdowns. Antonio Barnes was 5 of 5 through the air for 51 yards and a touchdown.

Poplarville will host Purvis next week at The Hornets' Nest.

Clay Sweet with Peyton Graham


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