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"Back to the Basics" for Friends of Boley Creek

Friends of Boley Creek are going "back to the basics" on Saturday according to Derek Turnage, one of the longtime members and organizers for Friends of Boley.

Turnage says the volunteer group will be focused on clearing trees, stumps, and other items that impact the current navigation of the creek.

“Right now, we need to get the creek clear of trees and logs to make it more navigable. This is not a trash pickup on Saturday. We will be focused on trying to remove as much as possible to get the creek where people can navigate it easily. It’s a BYOB party as in 'bring your own boat',” said Turnage on Tuesday morning.

Turnage said the plan is to meet up between 7:30am and 8:00am at the Boley Creek bridge on Highway 43 North by the old Paul’s Pastry Shop. The bridge is approximately 2 miles north of the intersection of Highway 11 and Hwy 43 in North Picayune near Inside Road.

Photo courtesy of Friends of Boley

Photo courtesy of Friends of Boley Creek

Turnage is asking those who have chainsaws to please bring them if possible.

“We hope we will have enough manpower and tools to make a serious dent in what’s in the creek from the bridge on 43 all the way to Long Bridge near the old Arizona Chemical plant. That's our goal for Saturday,” Turnage stated.

So if you have a good flat boat, and possibly a chainsaw, come on out to help the Friends of Boley. Who knows, this might be a good time to be Bill Dance and Marcel Ledbetter all in one day.

For more information, call Derek Turnage at 601-916-2907.


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