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Pearl River County Sheriff makes two arrests with intent to distribute

On September 6 a narcotics investigator stopped a vehicle occupied by Arthur Creed, 54 of 45 Darby Lane in Carriere, for careless driving. During the stop the investigator found a plastic container containing Xanax pills, and further search of the vehicle revealed oxy codone pills in glove compartment.

During the roadside interrogation Creed revealed the he obtained the oxy codone pills for the purpose of selling them.

Creed was then arrested on one felony count of possession of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute and one misdomenier county of possession of a controlled subject Xanax

On September fifteenth Pearl River County Sheriff department received information that a subject, Thomas Young, 35, of 405 North Beech Street in Lumberton, would be traveling from Lumberton to Pearl River County in possession methamphetamine with the planned purpose of selling it within the county. The informant told deputies that Young would be driving a black Saturn vehicle and gave deputies information of identifying damage on the vehicle. Deputies were also able to confirm that Young had an active warrant with Pearl River Sheriff for driving with out a license. Deputies set up on HWY 11 N outside of Poplarvilee where they later observed the vehicle and were able to conduct a traffic stop.

Contact was made with Young and he was taken into custody for the warrant without incident. After searching the vehicle deputies were able to locate the methamphetamine. Young was arrested for the outstanding warrant and for possession of a control substance with intent to distribute.


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