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Construction begins on Picayune Police Dept. training facility

On Friday, the foundation was poured for the Picayune Police department’s new fitness and training facility.

The 1,200 square foot facility will be located on 328 S Main St, in Picayune, right beside the Police Department Headquarters. Some of the amenities will include strength training and cardio equipment, a locker room for the officers, as well as space to hold training sessions.

In the past when the police department needed to hold training seminars for things such as baton or OC Spray, the department has had to seek out larger facilities to use in the city, now they will have their own space, Asst. Chief of Police Jeremy Magri, explained.

“We have several officers that are trained instructors in baton and mace training so this building will give us a place on site to use when we need it,” he said.

The labor and construction of the building is being donated by a private citizen of Picayune. However, once completed the facility will need to be equipped properly for training, which could cost approximately $38,000. They hope to raise the money needed for the equipment through fundraisers and private donations.

“We have a couple of citizen that have said they want to make donations and they are coming to speak with us later today,” Tonya Cialona said. “Anyone can make a donation to the project.”

First National Bank of Picayune has a special account set up called “Saving Police Lives Fit for Duty,” where anyone can make a donation to help with the costs of the new facility.

“It’s something the Chief had wanted to do as a moral booster for the men and women in the Police Department,” Magri said. “We haven’t had much to give them, so this is something we can give them and show them we appreciate them — Now they will have 24 hour access to a state of the art fitness and training facility. They can stay in shape and be better prepared to protect the citizens of Picayune and themselves.”


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