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PRC School Board welcomes new student representative; approves request for architect services

New Student Representative Doc Martin (left) addresses the PRC Board of Trustees

During last night’s meeting of the Pearl River County School Board, high school principal Stacy Baudoin introduced new student board member, Doc Herrin.

In her introduction of Herrin, Baudoin said, “Doc is involved in many aspects of our school from student council, ROTC, National Honor Society, soccer, and so many aspects of our school, and he is so well rounded. He is also competing to be at the top of his class.”

Martin, who is currently ranked as valedictorian in his class, addressed the board and told them that he plans to attend college and study biomedical engineering with an interest in prosthetics because that field has always fascinated him. He listed Ole Miss as his top choice for college at this time.

Martin introduced two of his fellow student council representatives, Seth Fradella and Brock Revels, who are also involved in soccer, and National Honor Society.

(L-R): Seth Fradella, Brock Revels, Doc Martin, and Superintendent Lumpkin

Superintendent Alan Lumpkin stated that the student representatives have a lot of input in regards to handbook regulations, like the cell phone policy and dress code, which come from suggestions from the student council representatives like Fradella, Revels, and Martin.

Also during the meeting, the board approved a request to advertise for architect services for new construction projects and facility renovations. Superintendent Lumpkin explained that based on the findings of the recent audit on the condition of the schools prepared by New Path Strategy Consultants, the board is looking to get quotes from architect firms in order to select an architect to work with the school as it prepares for its bond drive.


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