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Highland Community Hospital's Bryan Maxie introduced to City Council

Bryan Maxie

At last night’s meeting of the Picayune City Council, Bryan Maxie, the new administrator for Highland Community Hospital was officially introduced to the City Council by Mayor Ed Pinero.

Maxie told those at the meeting that he has been running the hospitals in Columbia, Prentiss, and Tylertown for the past six years and has been with Forrest Health Systems for 24 years. Maxie called himself a “River Rat” saying that he played football at Pearl River Junior College and he considers this somewhat like coming home.

Maxie stated, “I’m excited about being here. Forrest Health is excited to be a part of and to have Highland Community Hospital here. I’ll be the first to admit we’ve got some challenges ahead of us, but we’ve made some reorganizational changes and we plan on making this a top-notch facility like the community needs.”

Maxie said that “Highland is a Picayune facility as well as a Pearl River County facility and he want to service the county from the north to the south. We don’t segment the county at all. We want to serve everybody who needs that facility. It’s our job to get the caregivers in there that can provide the service needed and provide a good experience for the patients and the people who use the facility.”

Since coming here, Maxie said he hears people saying how much they need that facility (Highland Community Hospital) and that the facility is important to us.

Maxie shared “If you want to see Highland Hospital survive, and you want it that bad, then I ask you to use it. The only way you are going to keep that facility open is for people to use it.”

In closing, Maxie said “I am excited about being a part of this community and this county. My wife and I have put a deposit down on some property.”

WRJW News will have more information from Tuesday's City Council meeting during our Thursday and Friday news reports.


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