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Local man arrested for numerous charges

Darren Lang

On August 8th at around 5:17pm, Picayune Police were dispatched to a local grocery store in reference to a possible intoxicated person who was described by dispatch as a white male wearing a yellow shirt and camouflage pants.

Upon arriving at the store, officers were able to locate the suspect, identified as Darren Lang, age 36, of 114 Fred Mallett Road, Carriere, and noticed that Lang was unsteady on his feet. Officers asked Lang to step outside in order to speak with him.

Once outside, officers noticed that Lang’s speech was slurred, his pupils were constricted, and he had blood coming from his left arm where officers observed a large track mark that appeared to be a possible recent drug injection by the suspect in his arm.

By talking to Lang, officers learned that Lang was driving a blue Toyota Corolla and they were able to find the vehicle in the parking lot. Lang was arrested for Public Drunkenness and his vehicle was searched.

During the search, officers located a spoon on the driver’s side floor board with burnt residue. This finding was consistent with how controlled substances are heated to be injected. The officers also located a syringe with a brown liquid substance believed to heroin.

Lang was additionally charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance and Possession of Paraphernalia. During a pat down of Lang, offices discovered Lang had three steaks valued at $27.52 on him from the grocery store and he was then charged with Shoplifting. Land was transported to the Criminal Justice Center and his vehicle was impounded.


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