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City Council gets update on Crosby Commons

During Tuesday’s meeting of the Picayune City Council, the council was informed by that Crosby Commons is getting closer to being completed, but the park will not likely be ready to open for public use until October 1st.

Councilman Wayne Gouget asked for an update on Crosby Commons. Vernon Moore of Dungan Engineering and the City Engineer’s office said “Most of the construction is complete. The stage is almost complete and they are working on the lights around the track. They could finish next Wednesday with no weather delays.”

Public Works Director added, “The trees are all in and the benches have been ordered for quite some time. We’re expecting them to come in the second week of this month. We’re just waiting for the electrician to finish his work around the track and we’re moving in right behind him. We’re sitting on go, just waiting for the electrician to finish the lights and cover the trenches.”

City Manager Jim Luke reminded everyone that it will still be around October 1st before the park will be open for use by the public. Morris concurred stating there will still be a lot of cleanup, installation of the benches once the pads are constructed, and the planting of grass seeds.

Luke told the council and those in attendance that a ribbon cutting will be planned for the re-opening of the Commons.


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