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Sheriff's Department arrests two Slidell women in undercover operation

Jalyssa White

Brandi Bergeron

The Pearl River County Sheriff’s Narcotic agents recently performed an undercover drug operation that resulted in the arrest of two Slidell females, one of whom missed her baby shower.

Accordng to Sheriff David Allison, the Sheriff’s Department had been receiving complaints that the two suspects had been transporting and selling narcotics in Pearl River County.

On July 15th, narcotic agents with the Sheriff’s Department were able to make arrangements with the suspects to setup a sell of one month’s prescription of Schedule II narcotic Vyvanse. Agents setup the undercover operation with a time and place for the transaction and waited for the suspects to arrive at a north Picayune parking lot.

When the suspects arrived at the location, the Sheriff’s Department agents were able to identify and locate the vehicle of the suspects and block the vehicle from being able to leave the parking lot. Investigators approached the vehicle and quickly recognized the smell of burnt marijuana coming from inside the vehicle.

The driver, Jalyssa White, age 27, 101 Ned Ave Slidell, LA, and the passenger Brandi Bergeron, age 26, 702 Marina Drive, Slidell, were both detained without incident.

A search of their vehicle revealed the monthly prescription of the VyVanse, butal-vital pills which is a Schedule III narcotic, and marijuana.

White was arrested and charged with a felony possession with intent to distribute of a controlled substance, simple possession of a controlled substance, and possession of marijuana. Bergeron was arrested and charged with a felony possession with intent to distribute of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana.

Sheriff Allison said that deputies and investigators were quite amazed by White’s behavior and questions while she was being arrested.

“White was 9 months pregnant and her baby is due next week. White kept asking the deputies if it was 2:00 o’clock numerous times during the search and her arrest before one of them finally asked White why was she so interested in the time? White told them that her family had a baby shower scheduled for her at 2:00pm”


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