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Picayune Police Make Numerous Arrests

Picayune Assistant Police Chief Jeremy Magri shared statistics for the Police Department detailing the work of the force during the 4th of July holiday weekend with WRJW News. The department issued 139 citations, made 3 DUI arrests, and made 10 traffic related arrests involving other behaviors including public drunkenness.

In some cases related to those statistics:

On July 1st, just after midnight, Picayune Police officers were dispatched to Highland Hospital on a call received from hospital security who observed a woman exhibiting suspicious behavior in the parking lot. When officers arrived, they came in contact with Carrie May, age 36, of 257 Harry Sones Road in Carriere.

May was observed as being unsteady on her feet, swaying from side to side and her speech was slurred. May was taken into custody for public drunkenness. Officers then searched May’s purse and found a pill bottle that contained one Xanax bar, two and a half suboxone strips still in their packaging, and 11 soma pills.

May was arrested for public drunk and 3 counts of possession of a controlled substance.

On June 30, at 4:08pm, Picayune Police were dispatched to a business at 916 Palestine Road after receiving an anonymous call about a woman who appeared intoxicated and the caller did not want the woman to attempt to drive away. When officers arrived at the location, they observed Jennifer Albritton McCormick, age 41, of 48 Marcus Mitchell Road, Picayune, stumbling as she walked away from a vending machine in front of the business, then McCormick entered a gray Chevrolet Impala.

Officers asked McCormick to exit the vehicle. When they approached they noticed her movements were exaggerated and jerky, her eyes appeared glassy, and her speech was slurred and rushed. McCormick was then taken into custody for public drunkenness and transported to the Criminal Justice Center where a female officer conducted a thorough search of her person. The female officer found a clear plastic bag in McCormick’s bra containing a crystal like substance believed to be crystal meth.

McCormick was booked for public drunk and possession of controlled substance.

Picayune Police responded to a call 12:52am on July 5th at the Nicholson Shell convenience store just off Exit 1 about a woman walking around the front of the store attempting to sell a laptop to customers as they approached the store’s entrance.

When officers arrived, they found Stacie Lea Kelly, age 45, of 3369 Jackson Landing Road, Picayune, to be publicly drunk. After a search, Kelly was found to be in possession of suboxone. Kelly was arrested for public drunkenness and possession of a controlled substance.

Around 5:00pm on July 1st, Picayune Police were dispatched in reference to a call received at Picayune Wal-Mart about two individuals who were shoplifting in the store.

When officers arrived, they observed a 2001 Ford F-150 pickup truck leaving the store parking lot. The officers conducted a traffic stop on the truck. The suspects were identified at Edward-Garod Loveless, age 27, address of 57 Cecil Smith Road, Carriere, and David Michael Evans, age 22, address of 22 Dove Ridge Road, Carriere. After a search of the suspects, each suspect was found with a glass pipe in their pants pockets containing a crystal like substance with residue believed to be crystal Methamphetamine. Loveless was found to be in possession of a clear plastic bag and a red straw containing a substance believed to be crystal Methamphetamine. A search of the suspect's truck resulted in the discovery of another glass pipe between the front seats. Additionally, officers found the stolen items that were reported by the loss prevention officer.

Loveless was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, two counts of possession of paraphernalia, and shoplifting. Evans was arrested for possession of paraphernalia.

Other arrest reports obtained were as follows:

Tasha Nicole Slaven, age 36 of address 504 Cedar Grove Avenue, Picayune, was arrested July 1st on an outstanding warrant for embezzlement from a local business.

Randy Ellis Lumpkin, age 35, of address 119 Pea Ridge Road, Carriere, was arrested on July 3rd at 2:12pm for shoplifting and resisting arrest. Additionally, Judy Marie Prince, age 35, of address 3 Beall Drive, Picayune, were arrested for shoplifting, resisting arrest, and public profanity.

Rebecca Dianne Adams, age 60, of address 64 Oak Point Road, Picayune, was arrested on July 1st at 3:21pm for shoplifting, post arrest release citations, and trespassing.


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