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Supervisors discuss new annex buildings

Kevin Lewis (left), Principal Architect for Landry & Lewis, discusses preliminary drawings with Supervisors

At yesterday’s meeting of the Pearl River County Board of Supervisors, the major discussion centered around a decision point the board has reached with Landry & Lewis Architects.

The board received estimates and drawings for proposed annex buildings to be built on each end of the existing court house from Landry & Lewis. The estimates for those buildings and some modifications to the existing courthouse came in just under $14 million.

The supervisors and county administrator Adrain Lumpkin each expressed their thoughts on whether to move forward with the next step with Landry & Lewis which would mean getting details estimates.

Mr. Lumpkin told the board “I believe that we can make the numbers work. While we currently have a debt service of around $830,000.00, the additional payment based on current interest rates is possible.”

District 2 Supervisor Malcolm Perry told Lumpkin “I want to see details not only on the cost of construction, but what it will take the county to maintain the new buildings without raising taxes. People elected me to look after their money and I am committed to not raising taxes.”

Board Vice President Hudson Holliday said “I think we’ve been looking at this for years. It’s time to move forward and get things done. That’s what people elected us for.”

Perry responded saying, “So you are ready to move forward and spend $14 million dollars based on the information we have today? I’ll tell you all, I’m not. We need more detailed information on what it’s going to cost and what it will do to our citizens.”

After more discussion, Board President Sandy Kane Smith and District 4 Supervisor Farron Moeller told their fellow board members that the board should set aside time to hold a workshop and do a deeper analysis of the plans presented by Landry & Lewis as well as preparing data that gives the board a detailed estimate on what it would cost to maintain the buildings.

The workshop is scheduled for June 29th.


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