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No Rose for Bryce on Week 4 of the Bachelorette

“All you can do is hope that people who are being disingenuous or are hiding behind something come to light before the good guys get sent home,” Bryce Powers said on the Bachelorette, Monday night.

Unfortunately for Bryce, the Orlando Firefighter, formally of Carriere, that was not the case. After a two week hiatus the ABC show returned to continue the “Man Drama” as men cat fight their way into Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay’s heart.

Week four of season 13 jumped straight into action with a (supposedly) grown man screaming about his name being “in other people’s mouths.”

“People are going to talk about other people, it’s going to happen,” Bryce said during the argument. Apparently though, most of these guys have never been talked about in their lives (must be nice) and are shocked that this should be considered normal.

Real quick; you are on a show with 29 other guys competing for one woman, that you’ll supposedly marry, but yet you are "shocked" by people talking about and feeling threatened by each other?! Ok then…

Moving right along; Lee, Bryce’s counter part in the drama two weeks previous, was the lead antagonizer this week, opening with the admission that he enjoys talking noise and ticking people off. Except instead of continuing his drama with Eric, he moved on to start messing with Kenny, by interrupting his precious one on one time with Rachel.

Then miracle upon miracles, Bryce finally gets some one on one time with Rachel (whoop whoop), except it gets interrupted. By what you might ask? MORE MAN DRAMA!

We don’t know what they were talking about, but it looked like Bryce and Rachel were having a cozy little chat on the couch, when all of a sudden they hear yelling in the next room.

“This is really happening,” Rachel said. “I can’t even concentrate right now. I’m sorry.”

“Yeah I know Kenny is my boy and it’s tough on me too,” Bryce responded.

“It’s like crazy house tonight,” Rachel said before hugging Bryce and ending their one on one time. Bummer.

Shortly after the Bachelorette became overwhelmed by the drama and had a semi break down with the producers about the demands and pressures of being the first African American Bachelorette.

Then it was time for roses. Surprisingly enough the cattiest (not sure if that is a legit word but going with it) of the men, Lee, Eric and Iggy, are all safe another week. Instead three solid guys, Diggy, Brady and our guy Bryce all get sent packing.

Bryce goes in for the long hug and the heartfelt “Goodbye” with Rachel, and that’s it, his Bachelorette stint is over.

This elimination, while disappointing, yes, leaves Bryce’s fan base back home wondering one important thing… When did he cry? We were pulled in with scenes of a crying Bryce in the preseason promos, but we never saw that happen. I guess we’ll never know.

Oh well Bryce, rose or not you're still the champion.


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