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J.I. Luke Enterprises contract ends with Pearl River Central Schools

Superintendent ALan Lumpkin

Pearl River County Superintendent, Alan Lumpkin, gave an update on the transition of services currently performed by J.I. Luke Enterprises to multiple entities at Monday night's school board meeting.

Lumpkin explained that long time maintenance contractor, J.I. Luke Enterprises, will not be renewing their contract with Pearl River County School District on June 30, J.I. Luke Enterprises company retirement. Prior to the end of the month, Luke Enterprises will complete the stripping and waxing of floors on the McNeill campus.

GCA Education Services, Inc. will be taking over all custodial services for the school district starting on July 1 and will begin the stripping and waxing work on floors for the Carriere and Endeavor campuses. Lumpkin stated that PRC’s administrative team has met with the GCA staff and current J.I. Luke employees about continuing employment with GCA Services once the contract is transitioned.

During the transitions, J.I. Luke will continue to provide ground maintenance services until June 30, at which time Christopher L. Hryciw Enterprises will assume the ground maintenance, primarily lawn care, beginning July 1.

All other maintenance services will be brought in-house effective July 1, with employees working under the direction of PRC School District’s new maintenance director Hank Graham. Graham’s team will continue to complete small construction projects in preparation of the 2017-2018 school year.

Before concluding the meeting Lumpkin took a moment to congratulate Coach Neil Walther and the PRC baseball team for their championship series win over two-time defending state champion Oxford in the Class 5A State Baseball playoffs.

"It was another outstanding year at PRC," Lumpkin said "And we’re looking forward to the 2017-2018 school year.”

Lumpkin then told those in attendance that board Attorney Jim Keith is in contact with the Secretary of State’s office to validate that school board elections should be later this year for at least two seats on the board. The reason is unknown but the elections got off the five year track. Keith has researched the matter and is working with the state to resolve the issue and reinstated the proper schedule for board member elections, Lumpkin explained.

The board also approved a request by the Henleyfield Volunteer Fire Department to use the PRC High School Gymnasium or the PRC Safe Room on July 15 or August 5 to allow the fire department to hold a competition between other volunteer fire departments in the area.

The school district’s budget hearing will be held on June 26 at 5:00pm.


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