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Crime Report

On Sunday, May 21, the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department received a complaint about a burglary on Ulman Stockstill Road. A deputy arrived on the scene and the complainant told him that he discovered signs his home had been burglarized. When the victim returned home after being hospitalized due to an automobile accident, he searched his home and found two firearms and a stash of money missing.

After a discussion with the victim, authorities learned that only three people knew of the stash of money, those being the victim, the victim’s father and his son, Brian Baughman of Picayune. The deputy also received information from a female acquaintance, who had seen the 36-year-old Baughman with one of the stolen guns.

Detective Randy Messa was called to the scene and began an investigation of the local area. Messa was able to find the stolen firearm possessed by an individual, whose name the Sheriff’s office declined to release at this time. The individual told authorities they had recently purchased the firearm from 42-year-old Clifford Jason Stockstill of Picayune.

Detective Messa managed to locate Stockstill and pulled him over. Through questioning, authorities learned that Stockstill sold the firearm for Baughman. Stockstill was charged with one count of possession of a weapon by a felon, one count of transfer of a stolen firearm, and one count of conspiracy transfer of a stolen firearm.

On Monday, May 22, Detective Messa discovered that Baughman and his girlfriend, 42-year-old Kimberly Huck of Picayune, recently purchased a 2006 Acura TL with the stolen money.

Messa later found the Acura being driven by Baughman, performed a successful traffic stop, and arrested him for two counts of residential burglary, one count of possession of controlled substance, one count of conspiracy to transfer firearm, and one count for transfer of stolen firearm.

Baughman’s companion in the vehicle, 35-year-old Luke Lundy of Perkinston, MS, was also arrested for one count of possession of controlled substance.

Soon after the arrests, Messa discovered that Baughman and Huck live in a trailer near where Baughman was arrested. When the detective arrived at the residence, he found Huck was there along with some of the stolen currency and methamphetamines. Huck was arrested for possession of controlled substance and two counts of accessory after the fact residential burglary.

The firearms and the 2006 Acura TL were recovered by the Sheriff’s Department. Only two thirds of the stolen cash was recovered by the Sheriff’s Department.


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