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Supervisors Get Road Update from Dungan

During Monday’s meeting of the Pearl River County Board of Supervisors, County Engineer Les Dungan gave the Board an update on all the recent projects taking place across the county. A final inspection is scheduled for March 29th for Richardson Ozona Road project at 10:30am. Engineers will meet with state representatives and the contractor to develop a list of any remaining items for the project. According to Dungan, the Rock Ranch Road project is progressing on schedule. Engineers have repaired six out of nine spans on the bridge. The seventh span repair should be finished by today. Dungan stated that if they keep working at the same pace they have been, the bridge project should be completed in two weeks.

As for the project on Spring Hill Road, the first of four bridges have been built. Dungan reported that traffic has been moving on the first bridge while the second bridge is under construction.

Plans are being made to replace bridges on the following roads: - Otis Jones - Hickory Grove - Sones Chapel - McNeil Steephollow - Silver Run - Harry Sones

Dungan also talked with district engineer Kelly Casselberry about removing the delineators near Highland Community Hospital. Casselberry said they would be removed and is currently scheduling his maintenance crews to remove the delineators. “I’m anxious to see those delineators removed and we’re going to keep pressure on that,” said Dungan. Also during the Board meeting, the board was introduced to the Senior Center of South Pearl River County’s newest Executive Director. David Sykes has worked over 50 years with the Boys and Girls Club of America and was hired just last week.

Sykes thanked the Board of Supervisors for their investment in the Senior Center, praising how important the Center was. “I think that our seniors can be one of our most vulnerable sectors of society in terms of health issues and I think the Center is doing a good job at addressing that,” said Sykes. Sykes stated he would like to give the Board an update at a later date on what’s going on in the future of the Center.


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