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City Accepts Another Donation from Saving Police Lives Campaign

Police Chief Bryan Dawsey made a request to the city to accept $7,182.00 worth of training and safety equipment from the Saving Police Lives Campaign. This campaign was started last year by Tonya Cialona in response to the police shootings happening around the country.

“It originally began with just hearing in the community people wanting to do something for the police department after the police shootings in Dallas,” Cialona said. “Everyone wanted to do something but just didn’t know what to do, so the girls and I at the gym decided we could put together a campaign and reach out to the community.”

The campaign collected over $19,500 from local organizations, clubs, churches, businesses, and anonymous donors. Earlier this year the City Council approved a donation of 36 new bullet proof vests, valued at over $11,000, from the monies raised. The donation accepted tonight was the remainder.

“The community was amazing, they went above and beyond and I am so proud of our community. I never once asked for one single cent, they just came forward and just donated and donated, clubs organizations and churches, First Baptist Church and Walmart, they just came from everywhere,” Cialona said. “We are very grateful for it too because we do want to show our police department that we appreciate them and we want to acknowledge that.”

Near the end of the meeting, citizen Ralph Rowell addressed the council on his concerns about the absence of a voting place in precinct 3 in the Sycamore area in northeast Picayune.

"There's a lot of us old folks that may not be able to vote due to the location of our polling place in southern part of the city," Rowell told the board.

The polling place is designated as Friendship Park.

When asked for an answer to this situation, City Manager Jim Luke said he would look into the situation voiced by Rowell and report back to the council.


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