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Picayune Police Arrest Several for Drugs

Assistant Chief Jeremy Magri of the Picayune Police Dept shared the following reports with WRJW News.

On March 29th at 8:20pm, the Narcotics Detectives with the Picayune Police Dept conducted a traffic stop on Jackson Landing and Chestnut Drive for careless driving. While detectives spoke with the driver, they observed the passenger, identified as 38 year old Nicky Smith of Picayune, to be acting extremely nervous. At this point, detectives had Smith exit the vehicle while searched the vehicle. Detectives discovered a plastic baggy containing a brown powdery substance believed to be heroin lying on Smith’s seat. Detectives also located a syringe containing an unknown liquid under Smith’s seat as well as two more syringes in the driver’s side door, which were later discovered to be Smith’s. Detectives also discovered a homemade Bowie (boo-E) knife between the center console and seat.

Smith was taken into custody, transported to the Criminal Justice Center and booked for felony possession of a controlled substance and possession of paraphernalia. Upon checking his criminal history, records show Smith had been arrested for several felonies but did not show any convictions. Detectives are checking with the District Attorney’s Office to see if Smith was previously convicted. If so, then he will be charged with possession of weapon by convicted felon.

On April 3rd, at around 3:30pm, Picayune Police Narcotics Detectives and the United States Postal Inspector Services with assistance from the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, Department of Homeland Security and the Pearl River County Narcotics Investigators conducted an undercover operation within the city of Picayune. Detectives conducted an illegal narcotic controlled mail delivery at 311 East Third Street. Detectives and agents set up a perimeter in unmarked police units on East Third Street while an undercover federal agent with the US Postal Inspector Service made contact with the suspect. The suspect, identified as 39 year old Kunzaya Lamar Johnson from Picayune, signed for the package of what contained a pound of a green leafy substance of what is believed to be Hydroponic Marijuana. After Johnson signed the package, undercover personnel made contact with Johnson at which time the suspect was detained. Johnson gave verbal and written consent for agencies to search his residence. Upon conducting a search of Johnson’s residence, officers and agents found a chrome 38 caliber handgun along with a black digital scale which contained a green leafy substance on the bed which was located in the master bedroom in plain view. Officers were also able to locate several pieces of drug paraphernalia used to inhale marijuana.

Johnson was placed under arrest by the Picayune Police Department and transported to the Criminal Justice Center. He was booked and incarcerated for possession of controlled substance with intent to distribute while in possession of a firearm and also for possession of paraphernalia.

On April 5th, at 8:15pm, narcotics detectives of Picayune Police Department attempted to conduct a traffic stop on East Canal Street for speeding. They activated blue lights and sirens, but the driver continued to flee in his vehicle. After a short pursuit, detectives were able to get the vehicle to stop at North Jackson Avenue and East Canal Street.

Upon approaching the vehicle, officers gave the driver, identified as 32 year old Aaron Smith from Carriere, several commands to exit the vehicle which he refused to do so. Smith was combative with the officers, but detectives were finally able to get Smith into custody. Detectives then located a glass pipe containing a burnt residue from his pants pocket. While speaking with Smith, detectives observed his pupils to be constricted and he was not able to stand still.

Detectives searched Smith’s vehicle and found a plastic baggy containing a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana on the passenger side seat. Also during the search, officers found a breath mint can under the driver’s seat containing one Suboxone film container and a blue pill identified as Clonazepam. Officer learned that Smith’s driver’s license was suspended and he had no proof of insurance.

Smith was offered several field sobriety tests, which he refused to take. At this point, he was taken into custody and transported to the Criminal Justice Center, where he was booked and incarcerated for DUI first offense refuse test, possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle, 2 counts of misdemeanor possession of controlled substance, failure to yield to blue lights and sirens, disorderly conduct failure to comply, driving while license suspended, speeding and no insurance.


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