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Seized Horses Situation Improving


Pearl River County Animal Control Officer Danny Joe Slade talked with WRJW for an important update on the horses that were recently seized from a Nicholson farm. Slade reported that as of Tuesday, six of the horses have been fostered. Two more are expected to be fostered today, bringing the total number of horses in foster care up to eight. Several other horses are potential prospects for foster care. Slade was very satisfied with how things turned out for the horses, saying how he “couldn’t be happier that these horses found a home.” The Blazing Saddles 4-H club and Tractor Supply raised approximately $500 in cash along with 1,200 pounds of feed, bedding, 20 bales of hay, and other supplies for the horses. Slade was very thankful to everyone who contributed the funds and supplies towards taking care of the horses.


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